Arkossa Smart Solutions​

Granada, Spain

Arkossa is an independent personalised services provider for smart metering systems planning, deployment, maintenance and operations optimisation.

Our services and solutions support utility companies overcome the recent challenges arising from the introduction of smart metering and smart grids in the electricity sector.

With a large and broad hands-on field experience around smart meters deployments and an in-depth understanding of the practicalities of deploying, optimising, maintaining, and operating powerline communications networks, Arkossa offers a unique value for providing customized services and solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers related to powerline smart metering systems.


Main products

The roll-out of smart meters with the added value of guaranteeing reachability and readability. We manage the powerline networks to keep the reachability and readability to the maximum level, and we operate and maintain the network with the added value of, using data analysis, identifying, and solving issues, including fraud, load-balancing, powerline, and communications issues.

Arkossa offers:

  • Compliance with the regulatory framework, such as GDPR
  • AMI monitoring
  • Network security
  • Integral maintenance of the AMI
  • Operations management
  • Information security and backup
  • Specialised technical support
  • Power quality



EU countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria

Outside EU: Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Israel, Qatar, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Australia