Izmir, Turkey

The corporate group including LUNA was founded in 1991, in the business of design and manufacturing of electronic circuits and products for controlling and measuring electrical energy.

LUNA carries out its design and production of electricity meters, the development of software and hardware for the communication between the meters, in its own registered R&D Centre and warehouse in Izmir, TURKEY.

Currently with 400.000 meters monthly production rate, it is the biggest supplier to the public and government metering needs in Turkey with its ready plug n play smart grid solutions as a complete system for electrical energy management as well as water metering solutions.


Main products

  • Electricity Meters for residential, commercial, industrial applications
  • Smart Electricity Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Operation and meter data analyses within electricity and water
  • Meter Data Management Systems
  • Head-End Systems



EU countries: 10

Outside EU: 48