Oracle Energy and Water

Austin (TX), USA

Oracle Utilities delivers proven applications on-premises or in the cloud including electric, gas and water utilities worldwide, achieving performance excellence. Their customer, network, work and asset, mobile workforce, meter data, analytics and project management solutions integrate with Oracle’s leading enterprise applications, BI tools, middleware, database technologies, servers and storage.

As the largest provider of cloud services in the industry, serving the utility value chain from the grid to the meter to end customer, their software enables customers to adapt more nimbly to market deregulation, meet ever-evolving customer demands, and deliver on environmental conservation commitments.


Main products

  • Advanced Metering Solution (AMS)
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Analytics
  • Advanced Meter Solution Clouds Service (MSCS)
  • Smart Device Management
  • Customer Cloud Service (CCS)
  • Customer to Meter (C2M)
  • Digital Self Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Analytics Insights