Meudon Cedex, France

As a global leader in digital security, Thales brings trust to an increasingly connected world.

Thales connects and secures billions of assets in sensitive sectors including banking or government. Their solutions have already been deployed in millions of smart meters and energy assets around the world.

Additionally, their dedicated smart energy offer encompasses advanced connectivity and cybersecurity solutions to connect and protect massive smart metering deployments over time.

Through enabling future-proof, seamless cellular connectivity, Thales ensures reliable data transfer among connected assets. The cybersecurity offer also leverages leading-edge authentication and encryption technology to protect energy assets and ensure integrity and confidentiality of the data they exchange.


Main products

  • Cellular connectivity modules (incl. LTE-M and NB IoT)
  • Dedicated IoT eSIM and cellular connectivity activation solutions
  • BSI-certified Secure Element
  • Trusted Key Manager (incl. ID provisioning and credential management solutions, data encryption solutions, awardwinning HSM)



EU countries: 27

Outside EU: +180