Aidon joins ESMIG

We are pleased to announce that Aidon has joined ESMIG as of January 2022.

Aidon is the leading innovator and provider of smart grid and smart metering solutions, applications, and services in the Nordics. Making use of latest technologies and with an in-dept knowledge of the Nordic energy markets, Aidon help’s customers and distribution system operators (DSOs) cope with the big changes that are under way in the energy sector, as well as ensuring the faultless delivery of electricity to end users. Aidon is committed to providing customers with the solutions and services they need to leverage the possibilities of the smarter grid.

Following their successful application, Tommi Blomberg, CEO at Aidon, stated ‘’We at Aidon are pleased to announce our membership in ESMIG. The whole society, and within that, the energy industry are facing many common challenges relating to climate change, smart energy distribution and transition to greener energy. We need to drive the transition towards a carbon-neutral environment together. This also requires new, secure, innovative and digitalised solutions, which are at the core of Aidon’s business. In the future, we will see an increasing need for a close dialogue with the regulators and industry influencers, to the common interest of consumers, society and the solution providers. We see that in this dialogue, ESMIG will have an important role in facilitating the co-operation.  We are looking forward to contributing to this work through many of ESMIG’s working groups in the coming years.’’

Find more information about Aidon here.



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