About us

The EU aims to guarantee accessible, affordable, secure, competitive, and sustainable energy for all Europeans and to be climate neutral by 2050.

In addition, as the smart meter roll-out continues, the European Commission has predicted that 266 million smart meters will be installed by 2030. In order to achieve these objectives, the energy market must undergo fundamental changes in the digital and policy spheres. We need to move from a market driven by fossil fuels to a “demand-driven” system integrating renewables and storage solutions where engaged consumers are at the heart of the system.

ESMIG plays an important role in this transition. We operate through three key work streams: the smart meter roll-out, smart meter data, and interoperability for demand-side flexibility. Our focus is on the next generation of smart meters and their technical and functional requirements, lifting regulatory barriers for data availability and access, and developing the necessary infrastructure and standards for demand-side flexibility.

Our members develop and provide crucial components in smart energy infrastructures and energy management: they measure, exchange and process relevant energy-related data in a reliable and safe communication chain. These components enable better outage and network condition detection, customised tariffs and accurate bills and precise monitoring of consumption and demand, with the aim to make energy cleaner, more affordable and more reliable.


A green transition that fully empowers consumers, through actionable insights from smart energy solutions.


Building trust in new energy technologies and empowering consumers in playing an active role, providing opportunities to create energy savings, and reducing GHG emissions.

Adopting future-proof rules and modern energy transition regulatory and technical standards to foster innovative new business models, unleashing the full potential of technologies and data.

Accelerating the roll-out of smart meters across Europe, promoting their relevance, the use, access and protection of smart meters, and the data generated.

Securing Europe’s international leadership and strategic autonomy in the dual digital and green transitions and ensuring fair competition on a truly global level playing field.

Products, technologies and services provided by ESMIG members not only help the digital transformation in energy sector - they make it possible.