Apator joins ESMIG

We are pleased to announce that Apator has joined ESMIG.

Based in Toruń, Poland, Apator operates as an international capital group of experienced manufacturers of metering equipment and systems, as well as providers of solutions for the automation of power network operations. Within three specialised business segments (Electricity, Gas, Water and Heat), Apator implements technologically advanced products and services, including smart class solutions and systems for the active management of power utility distribution networks.

Following their successful application, Tomás Llobet, ESMIG’s Managing Director said, “We are glad that Apator has joined the ESMIG community. Apator’s advanced products, solutions and services align perfectly with our mission to promote innovation and collaboration in the energy sector. We look forward to working closely together, strengthening our network and contribution to a green and digital energy ecosystem in Europe.’’

In response, Łukasz Zaworski, Member of the Management Board and Chief Product Officer at Apator stated, ‘’Effective cooperation among European smart energy solution providers is essential to support the energy sector in the face of its current challenges. The combination of high engineering competencies and experience among ESMIG member companies will enable us to develop regulatory and technical solutions that are effective in building safe, reliable, and sustainable smart power grids.’’

Find out more about Apator here.



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