Elgama-Elektronika joins ESMIG

We are pleased to announce that Elgama-Elektronika has joined ESMIG.

The engineering company, established in 1992 in Vilnius, Lithuania, specialises in the development and production of a wide range of smart electricity meters.

Moreover, together with partners, they offer complete solutions for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) applied for utilities to manage metering, data collection and storage as well as its analysis, comprising all the necessary constituents of AMI. This includes MDMS, communication infrastructure and smart metering devices, based on open standards, and fully scalable and flexible.

Following their successful application, Tomás Llobet, ESMIG’s Managing Director stated, “We are glad that Elgama-Elektronika has joined the ESMIG community. With the addition of Elgama-Elektronika to our network, we increase our pool of expertise and our ability to promote innovation and collaboration in the energy sector. I look forward to working closely with our new members in our shared goal of contributing to technological advancement and a greener and more digital energy ecosystem.’’

Martynas Čereška, CEO of Elgama-Elektronika stated, ‘‘In 2023, Elgama-Elektronika faced and conquered numerous challenges, marking it a year of both trials and triumphs. Among our notable achievements, we proudly delivered more than one million smart electricity meters to Polish and Ukrainian utilities. Furthermore, we successfully executed a PLC + RF pilot project in Ukraine, showcasing our adaptability and technological solutions. In Warsaw, we achieved another milestone by implementing a PLC project with more than 230,000 smart electricity meters. To fortify our commitment to smart metering and embark on even larger ventures, Elgama-Elektronika has decided to join ESMIG. We trust that our extensive 30-plus years of experience in electricity metering solutions will prove valuable to this community of dedicated companies, fostering mutual growth and innovation.’’

Find out more about Elgama-Elektronika here.



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