ESMIG and EEBUS cooperation on interoperable infrastructure for demand-side flexibility

We are pleased to announce an established cooperation between ESMIG and EEBUS to improve interoperability for demand-side flexibility.

The transition of the energy system that is underway involves a substantial increase of sustainable energy resources. The nature of such resources is dynamic and therefore also requires dynamics on the demand side. This means less consumption when energy generation falls and more consumption when energy generation rises. The consumer cannot increase or lower the consumption level themselves.

Therefore, Demand Side Flexibility requires the introduction of automated home energy management tools to make it possible. Secondly an integrated and interoperable infrastructure needs to be created to interconnect energy management systems with smart appliances, charging stations, heating controls, smart meters, etc.

Recognising the changing landscape, we will together discuss how an interoperable infrastructure for Demand Side Flexibility can be created and will demonstrate the implementation of such an infrastructure at Enlit conference in Milan from 29 November – 02 December.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Read the full Press Release here.



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