EU Sustainable Energy Week Webinar: Access to Energy Data

On Wednesday 13 October, 2021, ESMIG, alongside EER and bne, we will host a session under the title ”Access to energ data: innovative services for empowered consumers in the energy transition” as part of the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Week programme.

Together we aim to present existing barriers preventing data-driven services, such as access to real time energy data and demand response, which are crucial for creating competitive retail markets and to provide innovative services to European consumers.

Best practices in Member States will be presented, involving representatives from the wider energy ecosystem, while identifying solutions for regulators and market players.

Speakers will focus on three key aspects:

  • Data access as an enabler of new opportunities for market players; implications and expectations for data-driven energy services.
  • The EU legal basis on data access and innovative energy services and implementation in Member States, including upcoming implementing acts for access to data and interoperability within the EU.
  • Regulatory and market requirements for safe, secure, and efficient access to data and digital business models in the energy sector.




    • Tadhg O’Briain
      Deputy Head of Unit for Consumers, Local Initiatives, Just Transition, DG ENER, European Commission
    • Antonio Colino
      President, EER
    • Miguel Gaspar Silva
      Vice-President, ESMIG
    • Anne Köhler
      Director Gas Markets, Decarbonization and Digital Affairs, BNE
    • Marion Malafosse
      Policy Manager, SmartEn


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