Webinar: Manufacturing and Serving the Energy Transition

Hosted by ESMIG, T&D Europe and Europacable, this webinar focused on the crucial role of the energy industry, manufacturing, and service companies in reshaping the European energy system and driving the green energy transition.

Taking place on 18 November, 14:00 – 15:30 CET, the discussions addressed the crucial need to foster a strong industrial base and maintain Europe’s leadership in technology and innovation, which is a key enabler for the dual green and digital transformation and Europe’s strategic autonomy.

Interventions focused on the importance of critical supply chains to ensure Europe’s strategic autonomy and mission critical infrastructure for the energy sector while highlighting the importance of global leadership in energy infrastructure and smart energy solutions.

Moderator: Tomás Llobet, ESMIG Managing Director


  • Vincent Berrutto, Head of Unit, Innovation, Clean Technologies, and Competitiveness, European Commission Directorate General for Energy
  • Christopher Guerin, Europacable President
  • Yann Fromont, T&D Europe President
  • Mojca Markizeti, ESMIG Chair of the Fair Competition Task Force


Watch the full recording to hear from the experts!




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