Reaction to the Code of Conduct on energy management

ESMIG joined forces with ECOS and DLMS to share a reaction to the Code of Conduct on energy management related to interoperability of Energy Smart Appliances.

The transition to sustainable energy sources introduces distributed intermittent energy that requires more flexibility in demand. It is anticipated that consumers will play an active role with self-generation and will pro-actively manage their demand according to their needs and available resources. Energy Management applications will be used to control consumption, generation, and storage.

These applications will take input from various sources such as smart meters and energy market players to control the in-home energy flows. To that end, the data needed for this home energy management needs to flow seamlessly through an IT infrastructure that connects smart meters, consumer energy management systems and smart appliances. This IT infrastructure is covered by at least three different industries that all have developed and are developing technology and standards, i.e., the Utility industry, the Telecom industry, and the Home/Building appliances industries.

While we recogonise the work done in the aim to reach interoperability for smart appliances in this code, there is further work needed. Our joint position paper shares our thoughts and proposals for solutions.