Joint declaration on the upcoming EU Action Plan on digitalisation of the energy sector

Technologies and digital developments are transforming the energy sector. The pace of digital change and its impact will continue to accelerate and with it come new questions regarding benefits and consequences to our industries. The upcoming Action Plan on the digitalisation of the energy sector, to be released by the European Commission towards the end of 2022, will be an important initiative and technological framework, enabling trustful and digitally enabled interactions.

As such, ESMIG, alongside E.DSO, Eurelectric, EHPA, SolarPower, SmartEn and WindEurope have published a statement highlighting key recommendations on the main drivers of digitalisation of the energy sector including;

  • Data access, control and sharing leveraged on interoperability
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technological sovereignty


This joint declaration calls upon the Commission to:

  • leverage interoperability in data access, control and sharing
  • adjust the legislation on privacy and data protection to allow for greater innovation
  • ensure consistency and a holistic approach in cybersecurity requirements
  • create an enabling regulatory framework for the uptake of digital technologies