Joint statement on the Action Plan on the Digitalisation of the Energy Sector

In light of the upcoming digitalisation of the energy sector Action Plan, the energy industry, represented by ESMIG, EHPA, E.DSO, Eurelectric, smartEn, SolarPower Europe and Wind Europe, has laid out multiple recommendations for enabling digital technologies to take a leading role in driving the green transition and to increase Europe’s digital sovereignt

The joint declaration calls for a clear alignment of the Action Plan with Digital Strategy and the Fit for 55 Package, as a sound way for the digitalisation of energy to happen. It further emphasises that the Action Plan should be the new sectorial EU digital and technological framework enabling trustful and digitally enabled interactions.

As we approach the official launch of the Action Plan, the signatories deem essential that any the European Commission shall addresses the following issues:

  • Integration of digital technologies
  • Clear definitions and criteria for connected devices
  • Data access and interoperability / Complete deployment of smart meters as basis for digitalisation
  • A “data classification schema” for the energy sector
  • Energy industry being part of a new Expert Group to support the implementation of the actions engaged in the Action Plan
  • Common definition for infrastructure considered critical
  • ICT climate neutrality contributing to the EU’s climate objectives
  • Digital twins for a smart administration
  • Statutory permission for data processing


To have complete empowerment of EU consumers in the energy transition and to achieve a homogeneous data market, accelerating and completing the roll-out of smart meters, a crucial enabler of digitalisation in the energy system, is key.