Reform of the EU’s electricity market design European Commission’s public consultation

On 13 February, ESMIG responded to the consultation on the reform of the EU Electricity Market Design. The revision is a great opportunity to recogonise the potential of smart energy solutions for savings, and notably for demand-side flexibility and energy security. As a key element of future electricity markets and systems, we gladly welcome the active participation of consumers.

Smart energy solutions are a key enabler for both accelerating the green energy transition and making energy more secure and affordable for consumers and accelerating the roll-out of electricity smart meters and setting new ambitious deployment targets is a crucial element to build a more resilient EU electricity market, especially considering that the EU’s targets for an 80% roll-out of smart meters by 2020 was missed.

To ensure that active consumers and demand-side flexibility (DSF) are at the core of the reform of the EU’s electricity market design, we highlight some key actions that are required.