European Parliament adopts position on the Electricity Market Design

We gladly welcome the European Parliaments position adopted on the Electricity Market Design in the ITRE Committee.

In particular, we highlight three key elements in the compromise:

  • The strong call to accelerate the roll-out of smart meters ”with the objective of reaching a full coverage as soon as possible”. Smart meters are a prerequisite to empower active consumer and ensure that they are at the centre of the reform of the EU’s electricity market design and allow them to better manage their energy consumption.
  • Improved provisions to support Demand-Side Flexibility (DSF). Smart meters are key to deploy DSF and reduce peak consumption and must be used to its full potential to enable DSF for the benefit of all consumers.
  • The clear distinction between smart meters and other measurement devices. Any confusion between their role and any potential misuse of these devices must be avoided. Submeters can play an important part, but cannot replace smart meters, which are the sole contact point with the grid, for settlement and billing


As a next step, we are looking forward to the interinstitutional negotiations and we encourage the Parliament and Council to find an agreement for the benefit of European energy consumers!

More information here and our prevision position papers on the topic here.



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