How smart energy solutions can drive the green transition and empower consumers

Faced with numerous challenges, Europe must rise to the occasion. The impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine, rising inflation, pressure on supply chains and a climate crisis requires swift and concrete action that focusses on long-term solutions.

In May 2022, the European Commission presented RePowerEU, as a response to make Europe’s energy system more resilient, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and imports and secure long-term affordability and supply in investing more in renewable sources and innovative solutions. Since, a number of emergency measures, including (temporary) market interventions have been adopted at EU level, emphasizing notably the need for energy savings. In October, the Digitisation of the Energy Sector Action Plan outlined concrete steps for modernising and taking advantage of data and digital technologies. Digital technologies and demand response and two key areas to focus on for transforming the energy sector. The Commission has notably stated that for all these actions smart meters are essential, as well as data-based services and solutions.

By acting fast, Europe aims to reduce energy dependency through energy savings, diversification of supplies and the accelerated deployment of renewable energy. European Institutions, Member States, and European energy regulators must recognise the crucial contribution that smart energy solutions can provide regarding energy security and affordability.

With the EU committed to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 and tackling the ongoing energy crisis, how can Europe become climate-neutral, while ensuring a secure supply and efficient, affordable consumption of energy? ESMIG members have a clear view of how we can make this happen and on the key role that smart energy solutions can play. The energy transition is a green and digital transformation of the energy system with empower consumers at its heart.

In our position paper “Energy affordability and savings: the role of smart energy solutions”, released early May 2022, we set out three key actions that can be carried out as part of the solution to tackle energy price and supply issues.

We need to:

  1. Accelerate and complete the roll-out of smart meters across Europe
  2. Remove barriers on energy data access and sharing and make real-time data available to consumers
  3. Implement and enable demand-side flexibility and eliminate regulatory barriers


Given the important role smart energy solutions can play in driving a greener, smarter, and consumer-centric energy, we have asked our members, leaders in the industry, for their insights to some key questions, highlighting how our industry sees the way forward. Let’s hear what our industry leaders have to say!

You can check out the videos on our YouTube account here.



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