Interview with Smart Talks with Jovan: Tomas Llobet breaks down the key role of smart energy solution providers

ESMIG’s Managing Director, Tomás Llobet, took part in the third season of Smart Talks with Jovan to break down ESMIG’s core values and mission. In this two part interview, Tomás addresses the key role smart energy solution providers play in accelerating the dual digital and green energy transition and the next steps for smart metering and home energy management systems, data access and the future of interoperability.

Key questions covered:

What are the core values of ESMIG? 

Who are ESMIG’s members and what types of devices and technologies do they cover? 

Will applying electric vehicle chargers accelerate the implementation of the home management system? 

How can we achieve true interoperability for home energy management and multi-utility metering? 


Interested in finding out more? Read first part of the interview here and the second part here.



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