Iskraemeco’s Green Penguin project – transforming energy consumers into engaged citizens

To celebrate EU Green Week 2022, we are delighted to introduce our member, Iskraemeco, and their award winning Green Penguin project. This smart city solution is a great example of how our members are actively contributing to achieving the objectives of the EU Green Deal!

Green Penguin started as an idea in 2021.  It is a platform that aims to transform energy consumers into engaged citizens and teaches kids, students, parents and cities how to reduce their emissions through using fewer resources.

As stated by Mojca Markizeti, Head of Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs (and leader, coordinator & motivational engine of the project) stated, ”Energy demand is the source of more than 75% of carbon emissions and, in looking from a different perspective, an average European emits 8.5t of CO2 annually. We need to drop this number below 2t annually to succeed in tackling the climate crisis. This is why we created the Green Penguin, a smart city digital tool. The Green Penguin teaches everyone, from children to parents, how to reduce their emissions by using fewer resources. It does so with the help of gamification and the use of real-time smart metering data upgraded with additional digital technologies. The Green Penguin is an opportunity for societies to participate in creating a better, carbon-neutral future.”

The Green Penguin first connects schools, but can also be used to connect other public infrastructures and motivate everyone to work towards the common goal of reducing their carbon footprint. It teaches and motivates people to actively and effectively address climate goals and decarbonisation. As energy and resource use decreases, the cost to cities will also decrease significantly. Fewer emissions will help the environment and stop the icebergs from melting!

Find out more about Iskraemeco and the Green Penguin here.




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