Meet our members: Javier Rodríguez Roncero introduces Landis+Gyr

ESMIG’s mission is to support its members by representing the views of Europe’s smart energy solution providers on key European policy and regulatory issues and driving a green transition that fully empowers consumers. This is only possible with the help and support of our members. A very good reason to get to know them better!

We spoke with Javier Rodríguez Roncero, Head of EMEA Bid Strategy & Management at Landis+Gyr, to find out more about the company and their thoughts on the role of smart energy solutions.

What is your company’s mission? 

Our mission is to help the world manage energy better. We do this across our 3 pillars of smart metering, grid edge intelligence, and smart infrastructure. As a leading provider of integrated energy management solutions for electricity heat and gas utilities we deliver innovative solutions to help utilities boost efficiency, ensure grid resilience and reliability and empower consumers to monitor and manage their personal energy usage while reducing their environmental footprint for the benefit of society as a whole. We also help accelerate the transition to e-mobility though our interactive charging solutions. Our smart meters, smart chargers and energy management solutions offer customers peace of mind through precision metrology, reliable communications, streamlined processes and robust software platforms.

What drove you to become an ESMIG member?  

Becoming an ESMIG member was a natural choice, aligning seamlessly with our mission to help the world manage energy better. As a founding ESMIG member, Landis+Gyr has been pivotal in shaping the European smart metering sector. The ESMIG membership allows us to deeply grasp our clients’ challenges and collaborate effectively with industry leaders. Besides ESMIG’s pioneering work in demonstrating the societal advantages of smart meters, their commitment to promoting standardised, secure, and interoperable smart metering solutions in Europe has delivered substantial benefits. By joining ESMIG, we fortify our dedication to a smarter energy future and continue contributing to the advancement of the industry.

How does ESMIG help your company to achieve your goals and support your company’s mission? 

ESMIG plays a vital role in supporting our mission by connecting us with like-minded organisations and experts in the field. Working with other influential members in ESMIG has allowed the group to drive innovation, shape policies, and foster collaboration within the European energy industry. This in turn advances the development of sustainable and innovative solutions that enhance energy management. By sharing knowledge and expertise within the ESMIG community, we can collectively drive advancements in smart metering and grid edge intelligence, ultimately helping utilities and consumers manage energy better.

What do you see as the biggest challenge and opportunity for the energy industry in Europe today?

In a world marked by supply chain disruptions, climate worries, and geopolitical changes, our decentralised and dynamic energy ecosystem encounters fresh challenges in energy management: from balancing to resilience and cybersecurity. Yet, these challenges also present opportunities for process optimisation, waste reduction, flexibility management and enhanced reliability. This will take innovation and investments in smarter, data driven solutions that help utilities to get greater visibility and control on the grid and at the edge – including demand side applications and flexibility management.

Where do you see smart energy solution providers making a difference in addressing these challenges? 

Smart energy solutions are pivotal in addressing the challenges faced by the energy industry in Europe. By delivering greater visibility and control of the energy ecosystem, smart meters and smart grids enable a safer, smarter and faster energy transition through real-time monitoring and management of energy supply and demand. This improves grid reliability and facilitates the transition to sustainable energy sources. Moreover, demand-side management technologies empower consumers to optimise their energy consumption.

In an ideal world…consumers would be better empowered, renewables and EV charging would be better integrated, and the energy grid would be a safer, smarter and sustainable infrastructure.  At Landis+Gyr, we envision this future becoming a reality through our industry-leading products and solutions. Our goal is to empower both utilities and consumers to monitor and manage their energy efficiently, reducing not only their bills but also their environmental footprint. Together, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous society.

Fun facts about Landis+Gyr:

  • The company is over 125 years old! Since its founding in Zug, Switzerland, in 1896, Landis+Gyr has gone from manufacturing state-of-the-art electricity meters for European utilities to being a global provider of smart energy and utility management solutions.
  • Landis+Gyr has delivered over 320 million smart meters worldwide and has the worlds largest IoT Utility network with 1.3 billion reads every day at 99.9% accuracy.
  • Landis+Gyr received its 6th consecutive global AMI company of the year award from Frost and Sullivan in 2022.


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