Meet our members: Michael Jary introduces Sense

ESMIG’s mission is to support its members by representing the views of Europe’s smart energy solution providers on key European policy and regulatory issues and driving a green transition that fully empowers consumers. This is only possible with the help and support of our members. A very good reason to get to know them better!

We spoke with Michael Jary, Managing Director – International, at Sense, to find out more about the company and their thoughts on the role of smart energy solutions.

What is your company’s mission? 

Sense’s mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by making homes smart and efficient. We make it easier for people to take care of their homes and to actively participate in a cleaner, more resilient future.

What drove you to become an ESMIG member? 

ESMIG is a leading advocate for the role of smart meters in advancing the green transition and maximising their potential to reduce global carbon emissions. Moreover, it plays a key role in shaping their technical criteria for the future. With next generation meters due soon, decisions made now will have a huge impact on future carbon emissions. Sense has campaigned for ”smarter smart meters” for many years so our goals are perfectly aligned.

How does ESMIG help your company achieve your goals and support your company’s mission? 

ESMIG and its members are integral to deploying truly intelligent smart meters to homes in Europe. By working together, we can deliver the next generation of smart meters, helping householders to reduce their energy bills whilst enabling network operators to shift load, forecast demand, and reduce their operating costs.

What do you see as the biggest challenge and opportunity for the energy industry in Europe today? 

It’s clear that a simultaneous surge in demand from electrification whilst renewables join the grid will be the greatest challenge for the industry. However, a very close second is ensuring that consumers don’t revolt during the process! Nearly every suggested resolution to managing capacity and balancing load risks an emetic response from bill payers. They are either exceedingly expensive (home batteries for all!) or they represent a truly appalling customer experience (demand limits, forced control of DER, confusing and punitive tariffs). The stakes are incredibly high. If consumers reject domestic demand side management because the implementation was bungled, we will not get a second chance. The casualty will be the climate.

The opportunity is in our grasp. It is the incredible untapped potential of truly intelligent smart meters, equipped with next generation use cases such as real time load disaggregation. These meters can go a long way to resolving the challenges, helping consumers to reduce their bills and shift load, whilst cost effectively delivering the energy transition.

Where do you see smart energy solution providers making a difference in addressing these challenges?

ESMIG’s ecosystem of members are some of the most progressive smart energy solution providers in Europe. And, we’re all partaking in something very important – preserving the planet. The energy transition demands innovation at the grid edge and together we can effect change and move forward. Even small enhancements to next generation smart meters can transform them. They can become intelligent hubs for the home and a cornerstone of the flexible grid.

In an ideal world…AI-enabled smart meters would be rolled out to all homes in the EU, enabling the sector to engage customers, reduce consumption, shift demand, accelerate the energy transition, and reduce the costs of running the grid.

Visit Sense’s website to find out more about their activities.



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