Meet our members: Vladan Lapcevic introduces Meter&Control

ESMIG’s mission is to support its members by representing the views of Europe’s smart energy solution providers on key European policy and regulatory issues and driving a green transition that fully empowers consumers. This is only possible with the help and support of our members. A very good reason to get to know them better!

We spoke with Vladan Lapcevic, CEO at Meter&Control, to find out more about the company and their thoughts on the role of smart energy solutions.

What is your company’s mission? 

Our mission is to serve the market with latest technologies and reliable solutions for smart energy management. We strive to achieve this through early adoption of new technologies and standards, integrated R&D and manufacturing process and individual approach to client demands. Smaller energy providers and utility companies particularly benefit from custom projects and consultancy we provide, both in existing diverse smart networks and when rolling out a new advanced metering infrastructure from scratch.

We also like to emphasise that Meter&Control is an independent company, which means that we are not a subsidiary of any larger group. We intend to keep it that way because, in addition to our engineering expertise and scalable production, independence is the key to our flexibility.

What drove you to become an ESMIG member?  

We were aiming at better positioning and visibility, both in the industry and towards potential customers. Being primarily oriented towards export, we also wanted to be part of conversations and actions which shape the smart metering industry on technical and regulatory levels. In short, we were looking for the right association to join.

ESMIG was a logical choice for us. Firstly, we were aligned with the Association’s mission and goals and, secondly, the relatively small size of the Association made sure that every member would get the opportunity to speak and to be heard, and that our votes had certain importance. The process of joining ESMIG and fitting in was rather easy and straightforward: from being welcomed by the staff, which is always helpful and responsive, to quick inclusion into conversations and collaboration with fellow members.

How does ESMIG help your company to achieve your goals and support your company’s mission? 

Networking, collaboration among members, and establishing direct one-on-one contacts is the immediate experience of being part of ESMIG. This can bring a range of benefits, from exchanging experiences and information, to working together on building fully functioning integration projects for testing and demonstration purposes that can later serve as blueprints for real-life projects and roll-outs.

ESMIG provides exceptional visibility to its members and shares unreservedly its assets to promote our news and achievements, using its space and resources through all the information and media channels, so many more people can find out about you and keep up with your company.

Member benefits extend all the way up to being heard by EU regulators, where our joint position papers are taken into account. Last but not least, ESMIG offers prominence to all members participating under its banner at industry fairs. Joint demonstrations and spacious pavilions are not just show stoppers but also meeting points where many important projects begin and brew.

Of course, ESMIG will not bring a customer to you (for that, you need to invest in your own sales and advertising), but influencing the shape of the industry is of great help for member companies to better align to future trends and regulations.

What do you see as the biggest challenge and opportunity for the energy industry in Europe today?

In the ongoing energy transition process, there is a gap between government decisions and political actions on one hand, and what is realistically and technically possible in a given time frame on the other. Europe is really policing green energy, sustainable sources and consumption very hard. But the issue, which is much overlooked here, is that there is not enough smart infrastructure for providers and consumers to connect in interoperable networks. Smart infrastructures underlying the entire energy chain, and allowing transmission, distribution, management, control, communication and, ultimately, enabling smart cities, should come first. This is one of the main problems that European countries are facing right now, but that also creates many opportunities for us.

Where do you see smart energy solution providers making a difference in addressing these challenges? 

Our greatest strength altogether is our field expertise, because solution providers spend a lot of time out there understanding and solving customers’ needs. We know very well what challenges the utilities are trying to solve and how various networks and topologies work. I think this is true for all companies in ESMIG. It’s a whole different level than just launching a “go-green” mobile app to the marketplace. You need a solution. So, when an energy initiative or executive order comes from governments or regulators, we have a very clear picture what it means in the real world. We can see the advantages, but also the downsides. Building solutions should be directed from bottom up. Only then can we achieve a whole, working, reliable and scalable solutions, that will support and also anticipate future smart services. Solution providers are ready, we just need more roll-outs.

In an ideal world…consumers would not need devices or systems to act sustainably, green or smart. In the real world, we are there to drive and help their sustainability efforts in the right direction.

Want to find out more about Meter&Control? Check out their website!



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