Put energy system efficiency at the core of Fit for 55 Package

ESMIG, together with 16 fellow energy system stakeholders, has written to Green Deal Commissioner, Frans Timmermans, and Energy Commissioner, Kadri Simson, to call for an an ambitious ‘Fit for 55’ Package that fosters system efficiency through the empowerment and active participation of all European energy end-users, to unleash their demand-side flexibility from demand response, distributed energy storage, renewable and efficient generation.

Demand-side flexibility is the bridging solution supporting greater electrification and smart sector integration, it helps stabilise an increasingly variable power system and contributes to reaching climate neutrality cost-effectively. Demand-side flexibility from all end-use sectors is a reliable, accessible and competitive resource to meet the new requirements of the decarbonisation challenge. Making these benefits a reality requires the activation of all end-use sectors through the development of an economically attractive business model.

The potential of demand-side flexibility to contribute to the energy system decarbonization is recognized by the European Commission and this should be reflected in the upcoming legislative proposals for the revisions of the Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure.

In parallel, the EU decision makers should not lose sight of the necessary investment in electricity grid smart and digital infrastructure to enable demand side flexibility. In this regards,  the establishment of smart grids indicators by National Regulatory Agencies as required in the Electricity Directive is a must.



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