We are pleased to announce that Ubiik has joined ESMIG.

Ubiik is a global IoT solution provider with expertise in LPWAN, cellular connectivity and services to cover the multi-modality of the IoT market. They have the most comprehensive range of connectivity services, including WeightlessTM LPWAN and LTE technologies, which have already been successfully utilised in AMI projects across Asia. From data collection to data analysis, and from meter reading to energy management, their expertise ranges across the entire smart grid value chain, with more than 300,000 meters connections already deployed. Ubiik is also committed to providing vertical solutions for a variety of industries, such as utilities and energy management.

Following their application, Fabien Petitgrand, Chief Technology Officer stated, ”Joining ESMIG enables us to join forces with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the industry. We are looking forward to put Ubiik’s unique innovations in AMI and telecom networks to use together with the leading solutions represented at ESMIG”.

Find more information about Ubiik here.



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