ZPA Smart Energy joins ESMIG

We are pleased to announce that ZPA Smart Energy has joined ESMIG.

ZPA Smart Energy is a leading Czech manufacturer of electricity meters and load control devices, with 70 years of supplying measuring and control equipment to the global power industry market. With their long-term experience and expertise in production and development, they produce state-of-the-art intelligent electronic devices and products according to the specific needs of clients.

Following their successful application, Aleš Mikela, CEO, stated: “We at ZPA are thrilled to join ESMIG, aligning with Europe’s leading voices in smart energy solutions. As a company dedicated to pioneering electronic metering and energy management systems, we believe this partnership will enhance our ability to innovate and expand our impact. By collaborating with ESMIG, we aim to contribute to shaping the future of industry standards and to help drive the transition towards more sustainable energy practices across the continent.’’

Find out more about ZPA here.



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