Working Groups and Task Forces

Data Communication and Protection (DCP)

The main focus for the DCP group is security management and removing barriers for data access, transfer, processing, and protection.


Marketing and Events Group (MEG)

The MEG defines and implements ESMIG’s communication strategy, including all events where ESMIG is represented, its involvement in exhibitions and conferences, its online presence, and any printed materials.


Regulation and Policy Group (RPG)

Maintaining a watch on EU regulatory and legislative developments with the potential to affect any aspect of smart energy management in Europe, the RPG strives to ensure effective and coherent policy development and coordinates ESMIG’s responses to political developments that affect the membership.

Mojca Markizeti, Iskraemeco

Empower Prosumers Group (EMP)

The EMP group focuses on interoperability for demand-side flexibility with members looking at use cases, infrastructure definition and all available communication standards.

Ferry Cserep, Netinium

Multi Utility Metering Group (MUM)

Focusing on the metrological and legal aspects of the advanced metering infrastructure, the MUM group also manages relationships with related industry associations. Additionally, it reviews national requirements for smart metering.

Henri Teboulle, Sagemcom

Task Forces

— Standard Essential Patents Task Force
— Fair Competition in the Energy Industry Task Force
— Enhancing the Benefits of Smart Meters Task Force
— Next Generation Smart Meters Task Force
— Security Certification Task Force
— Consumption Data Task Force
— Cybersecurity Task Force