ESMIG launches new Cybersecurity Task Force

With increasing security and privacy requirements being implemented at EU level, the need for a task force on cybersecurity, tackling new security requirements for smart metering products and services, is greater than ever.

These security and privacy requirements are set out in the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS), the General Data Protection and Regulation Directive (GDPR) and the Cybersecurity Act. In addition to this, there are upcoming changes foreseen with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), NIS2 Directive and Network Code on Cybersecurity (NCCS).

The main purpose of our new task force is to identify, assess and actively respond to upcoming security requirements for smart metering products and services, originating from EU directives and regulations.

With the support of our Data Communications and Protection Working Group, our work includes the preparation of a risk assessment framework for smart metering to be presented to NCCS stakeholders, enabling the transfer of our Protection Profile for Smart Meters (see here) into an official CEN/CENELEC Technical Report, promoting it for use as a harmonised standard under the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), and the analysis of new security requirements for smart meters under the RED.

The first meeting of the task force, led by Chair Anze Zaletel of Iskraemeco, takes place on 10 May and is open for all ESMIG members to attend. In addition, the task force will work closely with relevant bodies such as CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, IEC and WELMEC.

Find out more about our working groups here.



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