One Year of Energy Union

We are marking one year from the adoption of the Energy Union Framework strategy, “the biggest energy project since the Coal and Steel Community” as stated by Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission Vice-President responsible for Energy Union.

Through the Energy Union project, the European Commission coordinates the transformation of European energy supply, with the aim of providing secure, sustainable, competitive, affordable energy. However, it is only through a common effort and responsibility sharing of all stakeholders that this ambitious endeavour will achieve its goals.

ESMIG congratulates the Commission for the work done so far in creating an ambitious and forward-looking Energy Union. We particularly appreciate the transparency and inclusiveness of the legislative process, the reliance on smart meters as an essential tool in achieving all the set objectives and the placing of consumers at the core of the Energy Union.

In the midst of layering the first bricks for a “resilient Energy Union with a forward looking climate-policy”, we at ESMIG believe it is important to mark this anniversary and celebrate what was done so far, while not losing sight of the important steps to follow.

In the document, we tackle the five policy areas covered by the European Union strategy, stressing on our areas of interest and expertise as the European smart energy solution providers.

Smart metering is directly linked to the visions of the Energy Union and indispensable to achieving the Commission’s goals. However, it needs the right functionalities and interfaces to enable consumer benefits and to enable new consumer focused energy services.