9 February, 2021 - ESMIG Membership Benefits

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You will find attached our annual review featuring ESMIG's avtities and members

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  • why Europe is on the right track to achieving a clean and fair energy transition
  • how our work is contributing to a European energy market that places consumers at its heart 
  • the main trends in the smart energy industry
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All over Europe, the roll-out of smart meters is ongoing. With more meters being installed, the potential of using meter data for the benefit of consumers and grid operators is rising exponentially.

ESMIG and its members are showcasing the exciting possibilities and advantages of using meter data by putting together an innovative interoperable, multi-vendor smart meter infrastructure that not only enables collection of billing data but also facilitates smart meter-based grid management and provision of real-time data for consumer-focused applications.




The European Energy Union strategy aims to guarantee accessible, affordable, secure, competitive and sustainable energy for all Europeans.


To achieve these objectives and meet our carbon targets, the European energy market must undergo fundamental changes. We need to rapidly move from a market driven by fossil fuels designed around big central controllable generation units to a ‘demand-driven’ energy system, integrating renewables and more local generation and storage solutions where customers are at the heart of the system.



You will find attached our annual publication featuring an overview of ESMIG's activities and members.

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Based on the workshops organized by ESMIG in the past year – the 10 years anniversary conference that featured

Understanding how consumers engage with energy data is essential in delivering a “Clean Energy Package for all Europeans”


A new report that gathered 578 pilots involving 5,5 million residential consumers over the past 10 years sheds new light on consumer engagement and learning patterns. The research was commissioned by ESMIG and conducted by VaasaETT in November 2018.

12 October, 2018 - 10 Years Anniversary Report

Our Anniversary Annual Report is out! Have a look at our journey in digitising Europe's energy, our main achievements, our current focus and how we see Europe's energy future.


12 June, 2017 - ESMIG Annual Book 2016-2017
Our Annual Book is a synopsis of our activities and an overview of our members.
Download the publication to learn more about us, about our work in the past year and about the ESMIG members.