Interoperability video and demonstration

Our interoperability video showcases the solutions that our members provide and highlights how we combine individual solutions from different vendors into one interoperable architecture for metering and demand-side management. 

We use existing IEC and CEN/CENELEC standards to implement the information flows between the elements of the architecture, so it is easy to replace an element with one from another vendor.

The architecture ranges from grid operators or energy service company back office to the in-home devices at the demand side. It comprises of applications such as data analytics, flexibility management, grid management, data collection, security, wide area communication, metering, consumer energy management, and finally smart home equipment. 

Why is it important? Providers of smart energy products and services have created impressive technologies for home energy management BUT: 

  1. They are not yet connected in a way that can empower consumers and maximise savings
  2. Devices and systems must communicate with each other for their benefits and potential to be fully realised

Interoperability is critical for driving consumer adoption of energy management solutions going forward! 

Each year we extend the architecture to display new technologies and new solutions for these applications. We showcase this updated architecture at the industry event Enlit Europe.

Enlit Europe 

During the next edition of Enlit Europe, taking place in Milan, Italy from 22 – 24 October, we will showcase our next interoperability demonstration alongside our members at ESMIG’s Pavilion. For the 2023 edition in Paris, we included home energy management functionality and smart meter appliances provided by the consortium EEBUS. We showed how the metering infrastructure is connected to smart appliances, such as a heat pump and EV charging station, via a gateway provided by our member Telit Cinterion and an energy management system provided by EEBUS

The concept with a gateway as the link between the grid and in-home energy management is based on a mutual development of a multi-utility gateway concept by DLMS-UA and ESMIG. Both organisations work on the next generation of smart metering  by developing a modular infrastructure, demand side flexibility use cases and extensions of the currently available interoperability standards. 

Each year we build on the design to show new technology with live presentations of the demonstration taking place daily. 

Find more information about our activities at Enlit Europe here.

Members showcasing their technologies