Tampere, Finland

Wirepas is changing the face of IoT. To set a new standard. To get infinitely scalable connectivity. Gentle on your wallet and way better than cellular 5G. In a network that never fails. Without middlemen or infrastructure. Totally self-managing. Tailored for commercial and industrial applications. Just more than you need. For less. Wirepas gives you very very good IoT.


Main products

  • Wirepas Private 5G connectivity is a de-centralised radio communications protocol serving the ETSI DECT-2020 New Radio standard. Protocol software can be used on off-the-shelf chipsets turning every device in an autonomous router. So, you get 5G network quality without any middlemen or massive cellular infrastructure.
  • Wirepas Massive IoT connectivity brings industrial-grade performance for massive networks. No matter how many millions of devices, however dense, it always works. Every sensor. Every tag. Every luminaire. In a single, secure, on-premise network.



EU countries: Germany, Finland and France

Outside EU: Australia, India and USA