Belgrade, Serbia

Meter&Control manufactures state-of-the-art AMI devices and software for smart energy management in industrial and residential environments. Established in 2008, the entire research, development, production, testing and verification process takes place at their integrated facility in Belgrade.

Their broad range of products features integrated and modular smart electricity meters with PLC, G3-PLC and GPRS/3G/LTE communication, modems, disconnectors, data concentrators and gateways, as well as AMM/AMI software. Products are compliant with the leading industry standards and certificates, including IDIS 1/2, MID-B, MID-D, METAS, G3-PLC and DLMS/ COSEM.

Meter&Control solutions support utilities in their efficiency and sustainability goals and help them to keep the pace with fast transitions in the energy market.


Main products

  • Integrated and modular smart electricity meters
  • Communication modules
  • Disconnectors
  • Data concentrators
  • HES software
  • Solutions for local reading and parameterisation
  • Smart public lighting solutions



EU countries: Slovakia

Outside EU: Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, UAE, Bahrain, Colombia