Rome, Italy

Gridspertise offers end-to-end cloud-edge platform solutions and services to accelerate the digitalization of electricity distribution grids in three main areas: metering and grid edge, network infrastructure, field operation. The company’s portfolio is designed as an open ecosystem, easy to integrate with DSOs’ legacy systems, combining intelligent grid devices with ready-to-use modular applications, running at central level as well as on the edge. Gridspertise works with more than 50 DSOs and in different geographies such as Europe, Latin America and North America and is expanding towards Asia-Pacific and Africa.


Main products

  • Electricity Smart Meters
  • Field devices
  • Metering Data Concentrators
  • Head End System
  • Substation virtualization edge device
  • Smart Grid Solutions
  • Field operation solutions



EU countries: 

  • Commercial offices in Spain, Italy and Romania
  • Market presence in Spain, Italy, Romania, Malta, San Marino, Cyprus and Montenegro

Outside EU:

  • Commercial offices in USA, Brazil and India
  • Market presence in USA, Brazil, India, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Argentina