Liberty Lake (WA), USA

Itron enables utilities and cities to safely, securely, and reliably deliver critical infrastructure services to communities in more than 100 countries. Their portfolio of smart networks, software, services, meters, and sensors helps customers to better manage electricity, gas and water resources for the people they serve. By working with customers to ensure their success, Itron helps to improve quality of life, ensure safety and promote the wellbeing of millions of people around the globe. Itron is dedicated to creating a more resourceful world.


Main products

  • Metering and sensing devices
  • Secure IIOT networks
  • Actionable data analytics
  • Outcome-based enterprise applications
  • Smart city solutions
  • Global delivery



  • A strong presence in the Nordics, Western and Southern Europe.
  • Itron customers are located in more than 100 countries worldwide.